Body Builder Ab Workout

Body Builder Ab Workout

six pack abs

Who doesn’t want a powerful core? Not only are strong abdominal muscles very practical for everyday life, they also look great. We’ve all seen the guy on television showing off his six pack abs and how all of the women seem to instantly fall in love. It’s safe to say it’s something every guy has thought about at least once.

You can have abs like that as well and without buying into any crazy hyped workout program or fitness boot camp. All it takes is for you to build your own healthy workout program from your own home. Exercises don’t need to be special. Simple exercises like the crunch, weighted sit up, plank, and leg raises are all you need to build strong core muscles. Combine that with healthy diet and cardio routines and you’ll start seeing results before long.

Where To Start.

The best body builder ab exercises for men start with a clear plan of attack. Simply rushing into doing 100 crunches every day might sound like an effective, hardcore idea, but in truth it won’t get you far. You need to understand the human body, your own body, and what you need to do to reveal those six pack abs. Your first phase will involve either bulking up or shredding pounds.

If you’re considered overweight, then the first step will be losing pounds. Abdominal exercises won’t do much if there’s too much fat covering the visible region. Getting into a healthier body should always come first.

If you aren’t overweight (meaning your body fat is around ten percent or less), then you can choose to start with the bulking phase first. Bulking the abdominal muscles is slightly different than bulking the rest of the body. The exercises themselves are easier, but it requires more frequency, more repetition, and fewer breaks.

Frequency, Reps, and Rest:

In terms of frequency, you want to work the abdominal muscles about twice a week. Most people throw in an abdominal routine once a week, but this isn’t ideal if the abdominal region is the focus. Three times a week can be okay, but any more than that is simply too much and will overwork the muscles.

Then there’s the matter of resting. No matter what exercises you are doing, whether crunches, sit ups, or leg raises, you want as little resting in between the sets as possible. With serious weight lifting you might take 3 minute breaks in between sets. You’ll only want to rest for a fraction of that time when working the abdominal. Most trainers agree that any resting period under sixty seconds is ideal and thirty seconds is even better.

Finally, there’s the number of repetitions, which is equally important. Too few and you won’t get the results you want, but too many and it’s overkill. This isn’t endurance training, so anywhere above 20 reps is far too much. Around 10 reps for each exercise is a great number.

The shredding phase can come next or even during the off days of the week. Shredding is important because abdominal muscles can’t be seen under a layer of fat. Cardio exercises are the best solution if you want to remove fat anywhere from the body. You can choose high-intensity or low-intensity cardio, but the best is actually a mix between the two. No body builder ab workout routine is complete without a full cardio session at least once or twice a week.

A Healthy Diet Is A Must:

The final piece of the puzzle is always a healthy diet. Simply put, there will be no, showing off that six pack, if you don’t eat the right diet to support it. That doesn’t mean buying into any crazy 30 day weight loss diet or fad diet you saw on a talk show. It means eating a healthy, balanced diet with the right amount of nutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates to do what you need to do.

If you feel like your diet isn’t delivering the right amount of nutrients you can also choose to add all-natural supplements to the mix. It’s important that the supplements be completely natural and thus safe for the body. Protein supplements such as whey powder are a great addition to most diets when you’re trying to build muscle.

Finally, try to have fun with it. The biggest problem people have with body builder abdominal exercises for women, or any workout plan for that matter, is actually sticking with it. If you’re having fun and mixing up the routine, then you’ll find it’s much easier to stick to the plan and reach your goals.