Body Building and Strength Training

Body Building and Strength Training

Strength Training

Is there a difference?

Some people use the terms “strength training” and “body building” and assume that these have the same meaning. While it is true that both activities are geared towards physical development, there are certain differences between the two. Not all strength training workouts are similar to body building, so it is important to recognize the unique features of these two types of workouts to have a better understanding of each.

What Body Building is All About

To put it simply, body building is designed to increase the overall size of your muscles while keeping your body leaner at the same time. For body builders, they lift heavy weights to improve muscle size and not simply to achieve functional strength. However, weight lifting has that after-effect of improving your strength, yet this is not exactly the focus and concern of the entire training session.

Body builders lift for the mere purpose of increasing the size of muscles, and the different movements and workouts transport more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Moreover, tiny tears in their muscles are created as a result of lifting weights. Afterwards, these tears are repaired during the recovery period, and this helps increase the storage capacity of muscles. Hence, muscles can grow bigger (hypertrophy) once the repairs have been made by the body.

Larger muscles are more capable of storing a greater amount of energy, and this translates to immense amount of force to give the body the power to do more than it normally can. It is also important to note that body building is typically related to shaping the physique either for competitive exhibitions or to give you that sense of confidence about your toned body.

Facts about Strength Training

As the term implies, strength training deals with giving your body optimum strength to lift heavy objects, fight fatigue and become more agile to perform your daily activities instead of getting tired and feeling weak easily. This type of workout does not concentrate too much on giving you huge muscles since the main goal is to provide your body maximum force to lift.

With strength training, movements are done with a combination of lifting weights with fewer repetitions. Furthermore, the training is directed at giving your body and central nervous system that capacity to use motor units efficiently each time you lift. Thus, your focus is more on reinforcing your joints, strengthening connective tissue and muscles and making your bones and tendons harder.

Most people who do strength training workouts do not have that sculpted body, which body builders have. In addition, strength trainee may have a compact and solid body, and their body fat percentage is not very low. Nevertheless, you can expect these people to have excellent level of endurance and functional strength, particularly when the time comes for them to exert force and power.

Strength training and body building are both important in enhancing your appearance while improving your strength at the same time. Just be sure to consult your doctor or work closely with a fitness trainer to avoid injuries during workouts. By seeking the help of a professional, you can achieve maximum benefits with each training session for your personal growth and development.