What do Body Builders Eat?

What do Body Builders Eat?


The conventional techniques of building larger muscles mainly include a phase where you need to gain some weight for a certain period, which is followed by a period of cutting down body fat.

However, there are newer methods that can be used to build leaner and healthier muscles while burning fat all at once. It is all about following the right diet designed to help you lose unnecessary pounds and develop bigger muscles – just like a genuine body builder!

It is All About Balance

Your body needs glucose for energy, and it is a matter of striking the perfect balance in taking in and metabolizing glucose to give you a leaner look. Generally, glucose is obtained from carbs or starches and sugars. When you take in more amounts of carbohydrates, your body burns more glucose.

As a result, protein and body fat are burned less, which are what you need to grow your muscles. With this in mind, it is more preferable to go for carb sources that are also low in fat, at the same time. Yet, the most important thing is to stick to the recommended total calories for your weight and energy level.

The more carbs you take in, or as more glucose is used up by your muscles during each workout, the body tends to metabolize fat faster. This helps preserve some glucose in the body, which is needed by essential tissues such as the ones in your brain. It is also advisable that you increase your protein intake as you perform body building workouts for greater reserves of amino acids obtained from this nutrient.

Getting Started with Body Building

Initially, you need to know the total calories your body requires to ensure a productive workout. Ideally, you should take in 15 calories per pound of your body weight. However, this is just a starting point, which is only good for two weeks of your workouts. Afterwards, you can increase or decrease the amount of calories you consume based on your weight or how you feel about your body.

Experts recommend that you eat as much as 2.5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight. The excellent source of energy your body requires for your workouts is glucose and lean carbs.

Some examples of suitable foods for body building include shredded wheat, vegetables high in ecdysteroids (spinach, asparagus and broccoli), brown rice, yams and fruit. In addition, you should include about 20 percent more protein than what your body needs, and this helps in reducing body fat.

Protein is made up of amino acids, and it has been proven by researchers that people who take in at least 1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight tend to burn more body fat. On the other hand, less protein slows down fat metabolism, which is not geared towards building muscles and having a leaner body.

What you can do is to increase your intake of protein by taking meal replacement drinks that contain whey and cassein. You can also mix some low-fat milk with whey protein, and then just add some carbs by including some fruit and protein powder to your shredded wheat cereal before and after your workouts.

Overall, a body builder’s diet is more focused on eating foods that help burn body fat and boost muscle growth at the same time. With the right balance of carbs, fat and protein, you can achieve a spectacular body and have superior strength during your training sessions.